The majority of the wood we use is Heart Pine.  Longleaf pine, the source of heart pine dominated the deep south prior to the American Revolutionary war.  The longleaf ecosystem was once considered the largest forest in the South East and from Virginia's southern tip to eastern Texas spanning approximately 90 million acres.  These pines are slow growing specimens typically only producing an inch of growth in diameter every thirty years and take up to 500 years to mature.  For this reason heart pine is extremely dense, durable and long lasting; sought after for their historic significance.  Most of the wood that you find at your local hardware store today is yellow pine and less than 50 years old.  Longleaf pines where used to build many  structures in America and throughout the world, many of which still stand today including Thomas Jeffersons Monticello, George Washingtons Moiunt Vernon, Naval Ships and roughly 4 of every 5 buildings constructed  in the South during that period.  














We seek out aged lumber from barns and old buildings (pre 1940's) that have been deconstructed.  If you haven't noticed there are not too many old barns in South Fl, this means most of our lumber comes from the South East and dates back to as far as the 1800's.  We love the search and reusing those aged relics by creating timeless pieces that people get to appreciate is what we are passionate about.  We place a huge importance on both the history of the wood and on the craftmanship of our custom pieces (farmtables, benches etc.).  Our lumber goes through a long process before making it to your event: 1st-it has to be saught out, handpicked and salvaged from wherever we find it, 2nd-it has to be brought back to our workshop in Miami Fl, 3rd-all of our wood it treated/protected from unwanted insects, 4th-we start the fabrication, 5th-and finally these artifacts are brought back to life and make it to your event.  The age of the wood is what gives it its character, patina and authenticity that cannot be replicated but rather revered and valued. 

Today, original-growth heart pine is extremely rare and even considered extinct.  Less than 10,000 protected acres of original old growth Longleaf Pine forests remain spanning less than 2% of its original forest.   Deforestation to keep up with the rapid development of the South wiped out virtually the entire range of heart pine trees.  The only place to find this special lumber is to reclaim it from old barns and buildings built during that time period.  For example, much of our first harvested heart pine came from the Gainesville Rail Depot built in 1860 for the Florida Railroad.  The building was renovated and heart pine lumber from the Hay & Feed Warehouse used to house pack animals (there were no modern machinery back then) for the construction was reclaimed.  Those very timbers will now be given new life and used to make farm tables for your events, we think thats something special.